“Gravel is the most popular choice. We specialise in Gravel Driveways. You have a choice of any kerbing or paths. The warm colour of gravel enhances your home and gives it a beautiful classic look.”

Weather you have detailed plans or just an idea of what you’d like we offer to inspiration, innovation and expectation.

We lead the way in serving clients for there Gravel Driveway needs in Co.Dublin and Co.Wicklow we provide a free designed sketch and we handle all style of Gravel Driveway projects.

Prestige Paving is your local gravel Driveway specialist with years of experience in, installing Gravel, decorative stone driveways, Patios, flowerbeds and path ways in Dublin and Wicklow at affordable prices! Prestige Paving and there staff use the most modern Gravel machinery for that perfect finish.

“The Best Gravel Driveway Contractors”

Your Gravel driveway can be complimented by choosing an edging kerb of your choice and we will make that easy with are large range of products we source from are suppliers from man made kerbing to natural stone kerbing that come in a variety of sizes and colours.

The most popular choice is a Gravel driveway with a granite boarder and apron, it has a classic look and enhances your home with a beautiful timeless look, at a affordable cost and durability of Gravel also makes it the ideal solution for large Driveway, laneways and paths.

Gravel can almost be used for anything from driveways, flower beds, patios or a unique path through your Garden.

Gravel is great for drainage and believe it or not its great for security!

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