A Paving Job completed in Foxrock.

“Paving is a very durable choice for your driveway & patio and the range of shapes ,colours and designs available make it a great option for anything from an area to park the cars, to a unique driveway”

Whether you have detailed plans or just an idea of what you’d like we offer to inspiration, innovation and expectation.

We lead the way in serving clients for Paving needs in Co.Dublin and Co.Wicklow we  provide a free designed sketch and we handle all styles of paving projects.

With are large range of products from are suppliers it makes it easy for us to create the dream driveway or patio for you.

Why Paving?

-Paving is low maintenance.

-Very durable.

-Large range of colours shapes and designs available.

-Good option for large areas like a large driveway or car park.

-Adds value and character to your home.

Procedure to a new brick driveway

-Dig out existing driveway to a suitable depth minimum 200mm, with are new machine.

-Install mypex (this is a weed preventative sheeting) so no weeds can grow.

-804 stone is used as a base and compacted with are 2 ton walk behind machine “for a more solid base” for your paving                                                    .

-Followed by a layer of grit sand which the paving brick is laid by hand and then compacted onto.

-When Paving brick is all laid and cut in we brush in a weed preventative sand or Pave joint at your choise.

-All are projects come with a 10 year guarantee-

The staff at Prestige paving are all trained and highly skilled. We aim to provide an excellent and minimum fuss at a very cost affective price. We are safe pass and full public liability holders.

We can discuss this during your free FREE estimation and talk through the steps of a beautiful Paved driveway.


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