Resin bond

Resin Bonded uses a durable polyurethane resin which is applied to Concrete, Tarmac, Wood or Metal to bond the washed and dried aggregate to the surface. This system provides a loose gravel effect in appearance without the common trouble of stone migrating along paths and into houses.

“Enjoy Your Driveway All Year Round”

Available with a 2-5mm or a 1-3mm sized aggregate, this system offers a high friction finish suitable for patios and pathways. The traction provided by the bonded aggregate makes this system a great choice for disabled access areas where greater grip is required.

-All Projects come with a 10 year guarantee-

The staff at Prestige paving are all trained and highly skilled. We aim to provide an excellent and minimum fuss at a very cost affective price. We are safe pass and full public liability holders.

We can discuss this during your free FREE estimation and talk through the steps of a beautiful Resin bond driveway.




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